ATS ENTERPRISES - BailMaster Monthly Hosting



Due to a outage on my servers, it came to my attention that the hosting company you were supposed to have signed up with, informed me that you only paid for ONE MONTH, did not Sign Up or Cancelled your service. If you have proof to the contrary, please send it to me.

It is only by happenstance that I still had my servers online and I had an outage. Please complete this order that I may establish service. I am using a different provider this time around.

If you wish to keep your site ONLINE, please complete the transaction below, by close of business on 7/24/2015. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 404-246-1129.

You will be billed monthly. I will take care of the setup up this time so as to ensure your hosting remains active and that is is setup up properly.

You can cancel hosting at anytime by sending me an email or by visiting PayPal.




You can be billed up to $20.00 USD
Sign up for by clicking button below

After you have setup up your HOSTING,

Click the the "Buy Now" button below if you
have DID NOT PAY to have your site transferred in 2014.
The cost is $150.00